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a photographer and writer who loves the world’s ugliest buildings. I was born in Detroit and now live in Los Angeles. If I am not home with my pup Frank, I’m most likely wandering the spiral maze of John Portman’s Westin Bonaventure with my Mamiya. The breadth of my work reaches from interior designers, developers, and architects to non-profit organizations whose missions are to serve the community with cultural programing. I am here to make beautiful photographs and to bring people into a space to feel welcome and inspired. This is my newsletter to house all updates on everything I’m involved in.

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you’re curious about what projects I’m working on and the thoughts I have about the built environment, or to tune into one of my artful Spotify playlists. I promise to stay transparent about my experiences as a creative. If I see a conversation isn’t happening, I want to get the ball rolling. I truly believe that openness about what it means to be alive and working today benefits all parties across the board. No topic is off-limits if it interests you. Let me be your starting point or midway pit stop on your journey discussing all things photo and all things architectural.

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you don’t mind occasional emails with pretty photos and a mountain of links to special things I have found since we last connected. This outreach is supposed to be playful and celebratory. I vow to uplift a friend, studio, artist, musician, whoever, to draw attention to the peers around me. Let’s celebrate each other’s wins while we celebrate our own.

Liz Carababas
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A photographer and writer that loves the world's ugliest buildings.