Last check in for the year before checking out.
Everyone, meet Catherine Nakajima

August 2022

This past spring I was introduced to FYRN and their initiative to reimagine the brand’s identity. “Quiet strength” or “quiet confidence” were repeated…

July 2022

An interview about legacy and images from travels

May 2022

Knee-deep in mud at the Salton Sea

February 2022

Starting the year off with Frieze LA-adjacent exhibitions and a room filled to the brim with a whole lot of vessels.

January 2022

Rounding out the year in this newsletter seems ludicrous. I’ll save you the trouble of highlighting my year on my social media and whatnot, or trying to…

November 2021

SAYSH The Home of Saysh is a space for decorated Olympian Allyson Felix’s new brand Saysh. My pal Gabriel Chan designed the interior and Bernise Wong…

July 2021

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST Well, this feels surreal. To be recognized and recommended by the editors of Architectural Digest (thank you Gabrielle Langdon!) as…
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